This is a name hard to deny and it is none other

This way, we can all eat the same base meal (other parents know what I mean here!) and then doctor them up based on our individual wants and needs. I love mushrooms, but my wife doesn’t. One of my kids loves edamame and the other doesn’t. And then there was Revolver’s «Eleanor Rigby» and «Yellow Submarine.» In one fell swoop, the Beatles penetrated two more demographics. «Eleanor Rigby» attracted a post 55 audience in droves, while the good natured storyline and nautical sound effects inherent in «Yellow Submarine» drew children and pre teens into the Beatles’ camp. Within the space of a few short tracks, the band would range from the quietude of McCartney’s «For No One,» Lennon’s mesmerizing «She Said, She Said,» and the brass infused «Got to Get You into My Life.»But for all of the LP’s musical and engineering triumphs, nothing could have prepared listeners for «Tomorrow Never Knows,» the album’s mind blowing climax.

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