They just can’t afford the rent

Her daughter was dying. The world as she knew it had changed. And suddenly abstract concepts like organ donation were terribly real. But there is also an element of conflict between residents of different tribal backgrounds. Over the years, as Little Earth has become predominantly Indian, it has historically been Ojibwe dominated. In recent years, however, members of other tribes, such as Lakota Indians, have moved in, and there are divisions between the differing bands.

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While some might consider stories like that a negative for the Razorbacks, Jackson says don kill the messenger. «If nothing was going on up there for us to talk about, there wouldn be anything for them to worry about. The message boards didn make Coach Nutt send all those text messages.

Patrick Markee, policy director for the Coalition for the Homeless, says the number of homeless people in New York City shelters has grown by 65 percent since Bloomberg took office. And one third of those living in shelters are working, sometimes two or three jobs, Markee says. They just can’t afford the rent..

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