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cheap nba basketball jerseys Or he’s on DRUGS or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.» Dispatcher «OK, and this guy is he black, white or Hispanic?» Zimmerman «He looks black.» The edited tape appeared to tamper with the facts in such a way as to lend credence to some conservative critics’ claims that the news media are attempting to convict Zimmerman before he is even charged with a crime. Eric Wemple, who presides over a media blog for the Washington Post, commented, «No matter how you feel about Zimmerman, that bit of tape editing was unfair to the truth and to Zimmerman’s reputation, such as it is.» Baltimore Sun TV columnist David Zurawik interrupted his vacation to write a stinging castigation of NBC News not only for the doctored tape but also for the network’s decision to hire Sarah Palin to cohost the Today show cheap nba basketball jerseys.

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