FUN and particularly useful for ESL students

There are many advantages to enrolling in an Interior Designing Course. The first is to be realistic about your skills and interests. The next is to become confident in yourself. FUN and particularly useful for ESL students.15 Ilocano Words That Can Confuse Filipino Speakersby precy anza 15 months agoThere are some words that exists both in Filipino and Ilocano, and although it is pronounced as the same, these words totally means something else. Here is a list of Ilocano words that can confuse Filipino speakers with what they mean.9Kikuyu Language Online: Vocabulary and Conversation Practiceby Emmanuel Kariuki 2 years agoHere, you will get a brief background of the Kikuyu people before progressing to the language, its structure, and vocabulary. There are simple dialogues to aid you in conversation practice.17 Must Know Tagalog Words With No English Translationsby precy anza 2 months ago.

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