«Early on in my career, that was the chip on my

He even wanted to prove to the Toronto Blue Jays that they were wrong to wait 32 rounds to draft him. «Early on in my career, that was the chip on my shoulder, the motivating factor to prove all these teams that they were wrong. And to prove to my own organization that they were wrong.

The fuel is messy and expensive. It’s a castor oil, nitro mix (plus other proprietary ingredients by brand), and if the whole engine is not cleaned up immediately after the session is finished, it can gum up the works badly. It is also subject to spillage, making for a messy work area.

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But the physical demands will be only half the challenge for many of the players. The NHL is weighing whether it can play out the rest of its schedule in seclusion at predetermined venues. Players will need to be aware of their own potential health risks as well as remaining in quarantine away from their families for an extended period of time..

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