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Bishops’ conference, recommends that singing at Mass ought to be discouraged.The Thomistic Institute’s document also recommends that the Precious Blood ought not be distributed at Mass.To date, dioceses that have developed Church reopening plans have called for suspension of distribution of the Precious Blood. The Catholic Church teaches that reception of either the host or the chalice is a complete act of Eucharistic reception.The Thomistic Instutute’s website does state, however, that the guidelines «will be updated as the situation changes and as the WHO/CDC guidance changes.»Deacon Tim Flanigan is a member of the Thomistic Institute’s working group, an infectious disease specialist who has battled Ebola outbreaks, and a professor of medicine at Brown University. Flanigan also told CNA that Catholics can return to Mass and the sacraments safely if they observe CDC protocols.»The question is: can I follow the CDC guidance just as carefully, in each setting, in order to decrease transmission of coronavirus? Can I maintain safe distancing? Can I maintain good hand hygiene? Can I ensure that I am not ill?» Flanigan told CNA last week.If CDC guidelines are followed, «There is no reason to prohibit church services when you don’t prohibit other gatherings,» Flanigan said.»The CDC gives us that guidance to decrease the rate of transmission.

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