Because we are in a lockdown

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cheap nba jerseys Capt. Richard MacDougall is recovering in hospital from serious but non life threatening injuries he suffered when his CT 114 Tutor jet plummeted into a residential neighbourhood shortly after taking off from Kamloops Airport on May 17.’She will never be forgotten’: Snowbirds crash victim’s family releases statementMacDougall and Casey, the Snowbirds public relations officer, were taking part in Operation Inspiration, a cross country tour of flyovers intended to boost morale during the coronavirus pandemic.The cause of the crash has yet to be determined. An investigation into what went wrong is being conducted by the military and is expected to take several weeks.Thursday also saw a ceremony to honour Casey and MacDougall at the Kamloops airport, where a fence has been covered with Canadian flags, flowers and written messages of thanks and condolences cheap nba jerseys.

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